↓ 1 Day a Week

“1 Day a week” is a campaign we launched with Mosodi to help reduce car use and improve well-being by inspiring long-term behavioural change.

The campaign has been rolled out across various organisations throughout the North West including two NHS sites at Salford and Leeds Hospitals. Participants are educated and encouraged to seek other forms of transport to commute, giving guidance and support to help them achieve this.

The campaign was designed to highlight the alternatives available to driving but also not to alienate those who chose to drive.

Drive or Cycle?

“SicoCreative helped turn an idea we had in our heads into a living, breathing campaign that we are incredibly proud of. Throughout it’s been a pleasure to work with the guys at every stage of the creative process. We held no real clear picture of what the campaign might look like but SicoCreative assisted us to bring 1dayaweek to life and brilliantly interpreted our wishes, requests and hopes.

The 1dayaweek campaign has been taken to the level and SicoCreative are a perfect partner for our innovative, bold campaign. The feedback we have received has been phenomenal.”

Chris Taylor