↓ Happy Belly

Happy Belly are on a mission to elevate the Scotch Egg from a humble grab – and – go snack to a show stopping main event.

They produce savoury delectables with the soul purpose of spreading joy, nourishing bodies and feeding spirits. We worked with Brendan really closely on a vision he had for his Scotch Egg company. The brand was tired and he will be the first to admit simply didn’t reflect the amazing products they produced. Through a series of workshops, pints and savoury snacks we developed a company brand platform for him and his team to get excited about. (Please if you haven’t tried these tasty treats get some ordered you will not be disappointed!)


“Our business was in desperate need of a rebrand and we were lucky enough to be introduced to SicoCreative. After an initial workshop they presented us with a brilliant concept, they understood the business and the brand and knew exactly what would work. Since the rebrand they have redesigned both our website and our food packaging which has had a phenomenal impact on business growth. We would not work with anybody else!”

Brendan Baury